What do we do?

We offer you a BUSINESS MODEL that will guarantee you BETTER ADMINISTRATION, OPERATION AND EFFICIENCY.Waspe creates the PLATFORM based on which your business will succeed.



Our BUSINESS MODEL is divided into two parts:

1. The KNOW HOW   -   “The implementation of the model": Here lies our CORE, the essence of our service, the intelligence that will take your business to the next level.

Through a series of training sessions, we make the necessary adjustments that your business needs to implement our operative and administrative KNOW HOW, the department processes and the employees' skills for your business to achieve its main STRATEGY/MISSION.

This is how we align your daily practice and processes with the INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STANDARDS on which our model is based. We integrate your areas, providing you with all relevant INFORMATION in REAL TIME and METRICS to visualize your current status, the path to your objective, and the opportunity areas for your business. We bring order, control and measurements, focused on your growth target.


2. The SOFTWARE   -    “Our means to an end”: the TOOL through which the model works.

In addition to the creation of our own business model, in Waspe we have also been working for several years in the development of software tailored to its needs. On the one hand, this software is the means that allows us to store and operate ALL the INFORMATION FLOW of your business. Every process and area will be automated and they will feature different controls and authorization systems. On the other hand, this is the tool that, having all the proper information, provides METRICS and FINANCIAL REPORTS in REAL TIME allowing you to make decisions based on your strategy.